Pablo, is a legend of the Japanese tattoo, with more than 30 years of experience, he came to Stattoos this year giving us masterpieces and his great knowledge.

“My visit to Stattoos surpassed all expectations from the talk with Alejandro and everything looked perfect, once I was there I met a lot of beautiful people, and a great deal of quality of artists too, in Stattoos I met total masters and also many young poeple with an incredible technical level, GREAT PROMISES.
In the seminar that we organized we also had a great time, I was able to work and share a little of what I do every day with great artists, and they will surely become friends, my first time here and an experience that we will surely repeat. The truth is that my experience at Stattoos was excellent. “

For us at Stattoos it is and will be an honor to have been able to count on the presence of the “Colo” Barada in our stores, a reference in tattooing with a technique and knowledge worthy of the legend that he is, in Argentina and the world. Despite being a master, what most identifies him is his humility, his incredible disposition and his pleasure to share his knowledge.
Pablo’s works are recognized by anyone, his personal touch, the respect for the skin of those who blindly let him express his art, the respect for the job he loves , from his passion for skateboarding and his admiration for the Skaters of those times who wore tattoos, it got him into this beautiful world and he works to make each of his artwork exceptional.

In his Workshop, Pablo told us about the groupage of tattoo needles and about a correct injection of the ink, he told us an anecdote of how Philip Leu made a diagram of the position of a filling needle, since by the difference of languages ​​it was very difficult to understand what the master was explaining to him.
Also part of his talk was focused on large format designs, correct use of light, treatment of the skin and many other things, in it self a profitable seminar for all attendees.

It is worth highlighting the disposition of the “Colo” to answer the doubts of people with less experience, making the a seminar of great benefit for all artists, whether they are the most experienced or even the newest.

At the end of the master class, Pablo gave us a beautiful peony in which we could see in practice everything he taught us, an impeccable job in which the ink injection was effective where no damaged skin was seen, a design from scratch where he demonstrated his talent for drawing and left us open-mouthed with his speed and masterful technique. We all wait for Pablo to return and give us more of his knowledge.

peony oriental tattoo

“I take this opportunity to give my thanks and a big hug to the teacher Alejandro Cole, and Tony Morera who was in charge of making the connection with a mutual friend that we have here in Buenos Aires, also to MR. Dave Segura and Dan Cordero for those good talks, it has been a long time since I found people so well prepared and from whom I also nourished a lot and I think it was reciprocal, to the entire team in charge of organizing everything , they are perfectly prepared. to the clients for giving me part of their skin to wear a piece of mine, surely until next time ”.

Pablo Barada

On behalf of Stattoos, it only remains to say THANKS, to the master Pablo Barada we are waiting for you soon in this that is your home.

Alejandro cole-Dan Cordero-Pablo Barada-Tony Morera

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