Tips to get your tattoo and be able to quote it correctly

If you would like to get a tattoo, and you have no idea how to start, here are some important points to consider. In addition of a small guide on how to quote correctly so that the information received by both parties (client-tattoo artist) is the most assertive.

Points to consider when choosing your artist.

The first thing we have to emphasize is that in something as important as a tattoo, the last thing that you should worry about should be the price of it, since if the quality of the work justifies it, it makes it something valuable and inexpensive.

The second thing we should ask ourselves is; What style of tattoo is the one that I identify with or like the most, the following would be to analyze important points such as:

• The asepsis of the study

• Professional treatment

• Assertive information about the tattoo style I am looking for (pros and cons)

• That the place complies with the measures stipulated by health entities (bio-infectious waste, autoclave sterilization rooms, ultrasonic)

• The quality of the materials (needles, inks, etc.) That everything is properly sterilized

• That the workstation is neat, and properly assembled to avoid cross contamination (use of plastic, sterile drapes, ink cups, clip covers, all disposable)

• All these rules are met only in a professional tattoo studio.

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Clearly many of these things we cannot see from a cell phone or computer, so the recommendation is always to visit the place to consider all these factors when making a quote.

When choosing our artist already with the style of our liking, the ideal would always be to review his portfolio, both from recent works (where we can see the treatment of the skin) to completely healthy works (where we can see their technical application and longevity of the same)

Photographs have the facility to be affected by editing or other similar things, viewing through video gives you more feedback since it cannot be edited like photography, if what they show you are photographs, the ideal is to zoom to view the details and review the line treats the skin, even if you are not an expert you will be able to notice it.

Considering all this we can already quote our new tattoo.

How to quote correctly

The ideal thing as we say it back is always to visit the store, where you will have the opportunity to talk with an artist who will indicate what is functional and what is not, will present options of size, and you can team up with it to shape your design. At Stattoos, prior visits has no cost, nor any type of commitment, our mission is to help with the necessary information that we have acquired over more than 25 years.

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In modern times and adding to the current world situation, it is much more common for people to contact through social networks.

This is a double-edged sword because through social networks people cannot visualize everything that the quality of the place concerns, so they are guided solely based on the price of the work, which is an error as we mentioned at the beginning.

To be able to quote through social networks, several things are necessary, such as:

• A Tattoo Style Reference Image that you would like.

• Area of ​​the body to carry out the work

• Size in centimeters that you would like to cover

• Changes, doubts, also note if the work is about a scar or a cover-up

• The value that is provided by social networks will always be an approximate, if you visit the store you will get a more accurate quote

• Works such as sleeves, backs, cover-up, in general large-format projects, the ideal would be to visit the store, to be able to see the composition of the design, analyze its anatomy and based on that work a personalized design. Generally, this type of work is done by means of payment by hours or sessions.

disposable tubes

The design

Working on a custom design will always be better, at Stattoos we always work on your designs based on the references you send us that guarantees that the work is exactly matched to your anatomy.

There is also the artist’s flash, they are unique designs, pieces that you can acquire, and the artist can attach them to your body, generally these designs already have a set value and an approximate size to be made.

Normally the client will be asked for a deposit, which is deductible from the final session, this to create a direct commitment between the client and the artist. This guarantees that the client will have previews of the design, and comment on changes always under the guidance of the artist who will explain what is functional.

Tattoos tend to expand the ink a bit over time, so if we put a lot of detail together in very tight spaces it will not be a job that ages well, minimalist linear works and small details require an impeccable line technique, not just anyone can work them well.

There are certain areas of the body that are a little more complicated for fine lines, since the skin is different, not all needles are for all areas, always listen to the recommendations of the artists on this type of details, since they know how the tattoo will age.

Choosing your Artist is your responsibility as well as supporting people who do not comply with security measures to be able to serve clients, both in piercing and tattooing.

Always look for the best for your skin, experience and quality are more than price.

“Remember there is no good tattoo that is cheap or cheap tattoo that is good”

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