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Love of art brought to your skin safely with the backing of more than 25 years of experience.
Since 1996 making the best tattoos in Costa Rica made from scratch for each of our clients.


On October 21, 1996, Alejandro Cole open the doors of Stattoos,
an artist who started his first steps in tattooing around the 80s
” I opened the store in 96 and I do not forget that the first person I attended was the first day we opened I made a dagger and a rose, a flash of mine something small, something simple but that for me was the sign that everything was going to be fine and I decided to make a career out of this ”
– Alejandro Cole

The years passed and little by little we were gaining weight within the tattoo industry in Costa Rica. Before social networks, people expected wanting a well-done tattoo and at that time there were only reference magazines, which we relied on, and over time we were gaining good reviews by word of mouth, people spoke well of our work.

At one point Alejandro became not only a tattoo artist but also focused his time and effort on becoming an businessman as well, thus opening several stores.

Something complicated for that time since in Costa Rica there were few tattoo studios and in San Pedro, where the first Stattoos was opened, there was not even a registry for a commercial patent.

Many artists have passed through the doors of our 6 stores (at the moment), approximately 30% of the artists of our country, which reflects the great weight and influence that we have had on the tattoo culture in Costa Rica.

Over time Alejandro managed to connect with many artists abroad and with his visits abroad he greatly reinforced the quality and vision of what he wanted for his stores.

At Stattoos we stand out for the great quality of the Artists that comprise it, a great human talent with a class worthy of the best studios in the world.